Charlie Davidson

Charlie Davidson

Hi, I'm Charlie. A Digital Project Manager and Certified Scrum Master, based in Oxfordshire.

Ten years as a DPM has taught me that good people can win and teams want to work for people that inspire. Roles that Digital Project Managers can play a huge part in.

When I was young, I wanted a career where I interacted with people. I like getting involved, working with people, and building concepts into solutions. I've come to love a good process too.

My career started at Sitekit, at a time where you built a website twice, a second time for Internet Explorer 6. Four years taught me the basics but also a desire to work on broader projects.

My first "true" agency role was at Urban Element. Run in a way which left the team to it. We were a bunch of twenty-somethings who didn't always have answers but learned it along the way!

Next was Ridgeway, an agency punching above its weight and winning impressive projects. My four years there were rewarding and humbling, learning about agency office politics. I also learned what a group of special individuals can achieve when they group together.

At the start of the year, I joined GrowCreate. A company at an exciting stage in its growth and one I'm enjoying contributing to its evolution.

This year I've given up social media and haven't looked back. You can still find my poor attempts at writing on Medium and my photos on Flickr.